The Arrowhead

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2012-2013 Editoral Board

Tamia Simpson & Tea Burton

Staff Photographer -
Aaron Fraizer & MaKiyah Richardson

Sports Editor- Jarvae Wilson

Student Staff:
Dominic Lujan
Xander Lujan
Jordan Nozeworthy
Jacqueline Orozco
Katelyn Ware
Emma Gustafson
Jasmyne Winston
Erica Echols
Jasmyne Promise
Alexis Smith
Natalie Nozeworthy
Courtney Dowdell
Shawndria Callaway
Simone Speed
Amya Delmonte
Jakiah Wilson 

Advisors- Ken Porter, Dr. Marian Carter, Robert Harlen, LaSharra Henderson, & Madelyn Crosby
PACERS Advisor- Hiram Williamson
Dr.Jennifer Adams, Auburn University Journalism Director 

* Have any info you want to send to us?
Send it to thearrowheadpoka@gmail.com


The Arrowhead is a student newspaper that was founded in 2004 by LHS teacher, Lesleigh Golson, and Auburn University professors, Trish O'Kane , Nan Fairley and Loachapoka High School students. The Arrowhead produced numerous issues over the years, but disbanded due to lack of interest.

I'm excited that the students here at LES have shown strong interest in reviving the paper and bringing it to LES. Since I'm one of the original founders of the Arrowhead and former editor , it has a special place in my heart.  Our 1st issue is small, but we hope you enjoy it. We promise the next issue will be bigger and better!This year newspaper staff  consists of 23 students grades (2nd- 6th), and 5 faculty advisors.