About The School  

School Profile

1. Logo, Slogan  

PROUD- P-Prepared, R-Respectful, O-Obedient, U-Understanding, D-Dependable

Motto - "Shining the Light on Academic Excellence"

LES Vision Statement: At Loachapoka Elementary, we are shining the light on academic excellence. I am somebody. I do make a difference. I'll dream, aspire, reach and excel. I can do anything I set my mind to...

I am thinking positively. No matter what. Today and every day!



2.  View of your school/Community Information

Loachapoka Elementary School is a public school serving 323 students in kindergarten through sixth grades with eighty-one percent black, thirteen percent Hispanic, and 5. 7 percent white. It is located near the incorporated community of Loachapoka, which is five miles from the city of Auburn. This widespread area is rural in nature with a growing population. Eighty-eight percent of students receive free and reduced lunch. For a number of years, Loachapoka School has been the recipient of a Title I school wide grant that has significantly impacted the quality of the students' education. Additional teaching units, a Title I Resource Coordinator, an elementary counselor, computer lab, two parent educators, and many other educational materials have been provided through this grant. An after-school program is available daily for all students. Currently, forty students are participating in this program. 


3. Grade configuration and demographics

There are 12 pre-kindergarten students and 323 students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  The pre-kindergarten class has one regular teacher and two teacher aids. There are three teachers per grade level for grades kindergarten through third.  For grades fourth and fifth, there are two teachers; there are three teachers in sixth grade. On average, the teacher-pupil ratio per grade level is 16:1. About ninety percent of the children ride the bus to and from school.


4.  HQ - All teachers and aides are highly qualified.

     State Foundation Funds:

     Teacher assigned units: 19.03   Classroom teachers: 19:03

     Administrator unit: 1.0

    Counselor: .50

     Librarian: 1.0

     Reading Coach: 1.0

     Federal Funds:

     Teachers: 8

     LCLC Coordinator: 1

     Parent Educators: 2

     At-Risk Instructional Aide: 1

     ELL Personnel: 2


5.  Amount of technology utilized in building

     (All grade levels are participating in at least four of the programs listed)

     Kid's College                                        Accelerated Reader/Accelerated Math

     Star Fall                                             PBS/United Streaming

     V-Math                                              Alabama Virtual Library

     Ticket-to-Read                                    Education City

     SMART Technology


6. Strong celebration sentence about your school

Teachers are motivated and work diligently to prepare their students for life-long learning. Incentive Programs are in place to ensure that students perform academically well and exhibit positive character traits.  Parents, volunteers, and Adopt-A-School Partners (Vulcan Materials and Coldwater Creek) work collaboratively with the school and participate in programs and activities stressing academics and character throughout the school year.


7.  Analysis of trends at school 

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) - All grade levels have worked with the PBS support team in the beginning stages of  a PBS plan. We have been informed that this process is ongoingand continuous.




              -See other information data below.                 



Admission Requirements

The Lee County Board of Education and the United States Justice Department require the following items for registration and enrollment in the Lee County School System.

1.  Birth Certificate

2.  Alabama Immunization Certificate (The students and/or parent/guardian must have the original Alabama "blue form".  If transferring from another school in ALabama, the form may be secured from that school.  If the students is from out-of-state, they must go to the Health Department and secure the form.  Health Department offices are located in Phoenix City and Opelika, Alabama.)

3.  Two Proofs of Residency (Parent/guardian must present two proofs of residency showing that the student is a resident of the Loachapoka School District.  If the student resides with someone other than their legal parents, guardianship papers must also be present.)

4.  Social Security Card (It must be the original.  A copy will not e accepted.)

5.  Transcript or report card from previous school (The student must present a report card or transcript from previous school to establish grade and class placement.  The address of the former school is also required as "official" transcripts must pass from school to school.

*These items are mandated and can not be waived.